Mai Ling has explored an artistic strategy and discourse with the theme of “stickiness” as collective resistance and pleasure to foster community, kinship, and healing among Asian FLINT* and beyond. Stickiness, often associated with disgust, has a subversive potential to reclaim the collective agency. By “sticking together,” we challenge the perception of “Asia” as the exotic decorative Other, and the dirty and sticky entanglements of food, migration, coloniality, and imagination.

On the 25 and 26th of June, a series of somatic and sensory workshops bring together various practitioners outside of and based in Vienna, from architecture, gastronomy, somatics, and biohacking. With Niki Flierman, Serena Lee, Mary Maggic, Maya Minder, He Shen, and Fransisca Tan, we explore “stickiness” with different sticky and fermented foods. On the 27th at Flucc, the last day of the festival, they will share knowledge of “stickiness” as a necessary practice for survival and care, followed by a presentation by Venuri Perera. Then, we will share, eat, and digest our favorite sticky foods while enjoying karaoke together with MC Gerard Rabara! The festival concludes with a party with a DJ collective Hotpotposse!