Mai Ling has explored an artistic strategy and discourse with the theme of “stickiness” as collective resistance and pleasure to foster community, kinship, and healing among Asian FLINT* and beyond. Stickiness, often associated with disgust, has a subversive potential to reclaim the collective agency. By “sticking together,” we challenge the perception of “Asia” as the exotic decorative Other, and the dirty and sticky entanglements of food, migration, coloniality, and imagination.

On the 25 and 26th of June, a series of somatic and sensory workshops bring together various practitioners outside of and based in Vienna, from architecture, gastronomy, somatics, and biohacking. With Niki Flierman, Serena Lee, Mary Maggic, Maya Minder, He Shen, and Fransisca Tan, we explore “stickiness” with different sticky and fermented foods. On the 27th at Flucc, the last day of the festival, they will share knowledge of “stickiness” as a necessary practice for survival and care, followed by a presentation by Venuri Perera. Then, we will share, eat, and digest our favorite sticky foods while enjoying karaoke together with MC Gerard Rabara! The festival concludes with a party with a DJ collective Hotpotposse!


DAY 1 | 25.06.2024

Location: Bloch-Bauer-Promenade 13, 1100 Wien 

Workshop #1 (10 am - 1pm)
Why Pungency is an Internal Pleasure: Kimchi-Shiatsu Workshop with Maya Minder and Niki Flierman

Kimchi is an internal family business. It is translated intergenerational and therefore stays within the practice of oral inheritance of cooking practices. Whether actually taste and smell is a culturally inherited education, our abilities of tasting food by taste buds stay the same in the canon of human sensorium. Within our 5 taste buds, spiciness is the only one that actually is not a sensory of taste, but tiny bruises caused by the molecule caspacine. We inherit the appreciation of smells as we witnessed them in our environment and childhood. Pain as a sensation of food is part of a gastro-somatic history of food cultures. Why is spiciness and pungency so deeply inscribed in Korean food culture? What is adaptation and integration of tastes in a globalised world? This workshop tries to manifest a short gastro-somatic overview of the pungency of Kimchi by hands-on learning of Kimchi fermentation. Together with the shiatsu practitioner Niki and the food artist Maya Minder the topic of somatic food experience will be explored inside a multi sensory approach. Shiatsu uses pain in the body and pressure-points for emotional release. We will dive into the various excercices and pressure points to activate our inner emotion barriers.

Workshop #2 (2 pm - 5 pm)
Grounding & Sensory Exploration by Fransisca Tan and Serena Lee

An initial grounding workshop will help participants settle in and become more mindful, encouraging a heightened awareness of their physical and mental states. Through sensory exploration, attendees will learn to observe and sense their own experiences, setting a foundation for the days to come. What to Bring: Participants are asked to bring two food items of their choice.

DAY 2 | 26.06.2024

Location: Bloch-Bauer-Promenade 13, 1100 Wien

Workshop #3 (11am - 1 pm)
Crafting Scents and Preserving Moments with Fransisca Tan

After training to explore all our heightened senses on day 1 we will continue our journey by setting a focus on our sense of touch and smell. By providing material and tools participants are invited to playfully engage with extracting scents and sticky preservation through body sculpting rice paper. Participants are guided to share and preserve their community-based rituals and somatic memories for the final showcase on Thursday. Alternatively, this workshop can also accompany your activities throughout the day in order to preserve individual experiences and revisit crafting a scent at the end of the day. Participants can additionally bring ingredients from home that they wish to transform into an aroma.

Workshop #4 (2pm - 5pm)
Tofubodyology: Tofu-making and Calisthenics Workshop with He Shen and Mary Maggic

Once a traditional component in East and Southeast Asian cuisine, tofu is now consumed worldwide. The global travel of making tofu was marked by the first tofu factory in Europe, after the two Opium Wars (1839 – 1860) in China, indicating a new level of the Western colonising East Asia. Also, tofu’s popularity has always been haunted by the fear of effeminacy or infertility due to the planted-based oestrogen that the soybeans contain. Hence, the craft of making tofu and its circulation in the Western world is deeply entangled with coloniality and gender conformity.

This workshop reclaims the craft as a decolonial queer feminist ritual, a collective body-building through making. Together with He Shen and Mary Maggic, we will embody our Asianness and entangled femininity and masculinity.

*Lunch break always at 1-2pm.

DAY 3 | 27.06.2024

Location: Flucc Deck Terasse 

2 pm - 4pm    Workshop/Intervention by Venuri Perera

Venuri Perera has been investigating anonymous situations in public spaces as a negotiation towards the social construction of gaze. In this workshop, the artist invites us to unpack these forms of “othered” in our bodies with tools for discarding and morphing. We will interact with public space around Flucc in Praterstern to question how anonymity can never be separated from the construction of views on gender, race, language, cultural politics, and colonialism.

Please bring a scarf or textile with which you can cover your face to be anonymous!

4 pm    Sticky Picnic at Prater / Self-organized BYOS (Bring Your Own Stickiness)

7 pm    Roundtable “Sticky Sharing” with Maya Minder, He Shen, Fransisca Tan, and Mary Maggic

Four practitioners from different fields, such as art and science, bio-hacking, architecture, and gastronomy, will share their experiments with fermented foods to exchange the subversive potential of stickiness.

8:30 pm    K&K (Kitchen & Karaoke) with MC Gerard Rabara

Enjoy a karaoke party with various Asian sticky fermented foods that are collectively made during the workshops on previous days, such as kimchi, tofu, kudzu dessert, rice cakes, and more!

10pm - 1am    DJ set by Hotpotposse
Let’s sticke together!

If you plan to join us for the sticky workshops, please let us know by sending an email to Mai Ling ( with the name of the workshop by Sunday, June 23. You can join us spontaneously without registration, but this helps us to get a headcount!

The workshops in the festival are realized with the support by Cultural Department of the City of Vienna (MA7).