Solo Exhibition, VBKÖ 8 - 27 March 2021.

Mai Ling is neat and silent.
Mai Ling is nice and friendly.
Mai Ling is exotic and charming.
Mai Ling is quiet and delicate.
Mai Ling is sober and obedient.
Mai Ling is a faithful domestic.
Mai Ling is a dragon lady.
Mai Ling is a tantalising temptress.
Mai Ling is a smailing ingenue.
Mai Ling is disappearing into an amnesic fog, and her voice has never been heard.

Mai Ling re-narrates and re-portrays the once silenced “Mai Ling” (originated from the TV sketch by Gerhard Polt) with collective voices and multi-layered identities, in an effort to finally reclaim her speech, thorough re-appropriation and re-construction of the perception and treatment of gendered and racialized bodies in Western society. The exhibition Who is Mai Ling? showcases the sheer diversity of Mai Ling's artistic and activist projects produced though various means of presentation.